When time and money are meaningless


When time and money are meaningless, those are the moments we must pay attention to

A person being too busy is a myth

To me, what many adults are lacking are those rare moments where nothing else matters. People say they want to have more fun but then they don’t do anything about it. They continue on with work, stress, and worry. They think that they don’t have time for fun yet, fun is important because when we are in those happy moments we almost transcend time. When we engage in positive actions we love, we let go of our fears and worries and lose ourselves in the pure energy of innocent fun and absolute joy. Our bodies feel the good vibrations they have been missing, craving even. We welcome the distraction because we temporarily have some breathing room to stretch out and enjoy. It is in those moments that our brains can relax and dream of our future. When we immerse ourselves in positive activities time and money no longer exist, and that feels pretty darn good.

On some level we know we need to make time for the things we enjoy yet we resist because we have too many demands on our time. Many adults struggle with letting go because they find they can’t even imagine the possibility of taking time out of a busy day to shut down, reload, and truly feel the exhilaration or peace of being worry free. Yet a few moments of positive energy should not be too much to ask. Even taking a moment to look up and notice the beauty in the sky that is there for us every day can help.

Make a conscious effort to slow the body down and give the brain some time to catch up. When your mind is at ease, your body will follow and you will relax;

but if your body is in continual motion, your brain never has time to catch its breath. The mind can’t come up with solutions to your problems, dream about the future, or even enjoy a moment of peaceful tranquility because your body is not giving it t


he time it needs to do its job. So block out even some small space on your calendar and add a few moments of good times to your hectic life. Then wear your white hat by keeping your promise and make sure you keep those sacred moments you put on your schedule, no matter what! Don’t give in. Whatever happens in your day, make the time you scheduled for yourself precious. “No exceptions” are worth a few moments of your own time!

But all too soon time is up, playtime is over, and it’s back to work. The moment where time and money are meaningless is gone. The good news is that once you become aware of just how much power time, money, stress and worry hold in your life, then hopefully you will be able to shift your thinking and adjust your priorities. Once you see the value in something it becomes easier to readjust your schedule so those new items get the required attention they deserve. Once again, things that are important to you must be moved higher up on your list of priorities. Readjusting your schedule, even just a small bit to include some quality time for yourself or time to focus on your family and friends, will bring significant changes to your long term vision.

If you are not playing the game of life with confidence, fun and passion, then you are at a disadvantage. All it takes is a small shift in your thinking and changes will appear. Remember that once we start looking for the things we desire they will begin to appear. We can’t do that if we are too busy to even turn our heads and look around. So I urge you to re-evaluate your priorities and resources and make sure at least some of your precious time is allocated to the fun activities you want to attract more of. Give your brain the rest it is begging for. Your return on investment will be vast.

White Hat Awareness
Block out some space on your calendar and include some
good times in your hectic schedule

This material came from Susan Sherbert’s book A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses Unlocking the power of clarity and action. 



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