What about the Vice President humor?


Presidents Day and Vice President Humor

vice president humor - way the flagTwo American presidents were born this month, but of course you know that. You are probably still young enough to remember the days when we used to celebrate both Lincoln’s birthday and Washington’s birthday. But now that they changed it to President’s Day, things will never be the same. In a few years, people won’t even remember Lincoln or Washington. All they will know is that it’s President’s Day. Future generations could be thinking that they are receiving a day off to honor the presidents of General Motors, Pepsi, or Google.

However, Washington and Lincoln were pretty influential people so I suppose I had better change the topic to something a little less important. . . I know. Let’s talk about vice president humor instead.

Why anyone would want to be the vice president of anything is hard for me to understand. First of all, you never get to be number one. (Unless someone dies or is fired, and then you get the title by default, so it still never really counts). As vice president, it is your duty to proudly accept the position of second place. You do as much work as the president, maybe even more, but you get none of the glory.  And unless you do something really stupid, there will be no vice president humor jokes about you. You are the second most qualified person for the job, yet no one will even remember your name. If you think I am kidding – what were the names of the vice presidents of Washington and Lincoln?

I’ll research that and get back to you, but in the mean time, can you tell me what is up with the title of vice! Isn’t a vice something your dad uses in the garage to squeeze things real tight, exerting pressure from both sides? If I stretch my imagination, I can see how that applies to the title of vice president, because they are under a lot of pressure. But wait. There is an alternate definition of the word and I’m not kidding. Word for word, here is the first entry in the dictionary for the word vice: “an evil act or habit.” Can you make some vice president humor out of that one?

Wow, what a title. And just think, big corporations hand out the title of vice president all over the place; vice president of operations, vice president of sales, executive VP, etc. All right so maybe I am being a bit harsh but the other definition of vice isn’t that great either. It simply lists the word “subordinate.” See I told you, I can’t understand why anyone would actually want to be a vice president. I’ve just picked on all of the hard working vice presidents out there, and like always, they will have to just sit there and take it. But don’t feel too bad. After a while, no one ever really remembers the names of most of our presidents either. Now the names of characters on television, that is something people remember.

A quick bit vice president humor trivia I once heard there was a study that said more people recognized the face of Mr. Clean way more often than they could identify the face of the current vice president.

And just for your information, John Adams was Washington’s VP and Andrew Johnson stepped in when Lincoln was assassinated. So to all you vice presidents out there, I would like to say, thank you whatever your name is.


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