Vote your true colors


Stop being so color blind and VOTE!

Why has this election become such a narrow minded, black or white, all or nothing type of vote? When did we become so color blind? Wake ups folks! Take a look around! The world is not black or white. It’s not even shades of grey. The world we live in is full of bright beautiful colors! When it comes to casting your all-important vote, we have the right, a duty even, to vote using every crayon in the box.

Hand waving the american flagAside from what the media wants you to believe, voting is more than a choice between Clinton and Trump. Have you looked at a ballot lately? There is more than one box we have the privilege to mark up. And look beyond the down ballot Republican or Democrat choices. There is an entire rainbow of issues on the ballot. School funding, medical decisions, environmental issues, and even marijuana are all decisions we have the honor to make. Many people fought long and hard for the freedom to put those choices on our ballot so that we have a say in how our lives are run.

Your vote matters! So make an effort to be an informed voter! I’m not asking you to read every proposition, research every candidate, or even watch a city council meeting. And how we are supposed to decide who will be a better choice for a water district, judge, or waste management I have no idea. But the least we can do is take those extra few minutes and actually read the ballot. Don’t just check off a box because you think you recognize a name. That is how we get politicians in office for thirty or forty years. Drain the swamp or support the people who have done a good job. That choice is right there in front of you.

Don’t be color blind either and vote only for one party or the other. Make an informed choice. This year take a look outside the box. There are many times when I have no idea who these people on the ballot are, and I shouldn’t be making a decision that will have major impact on the city I live in based on yard signs. So I do the best I can and read the occupations of the candidates. Would a teacher make a better choice than an attorney? Do I want to re-elect the incumbent or would maybe a newcomer be a better choice?

To make matters worse there are all of those confusing propositions I’m expected to vote on. Some issues I know how I want to vote on, others I have no idea. And the money being pumped into campaign ads only makes everything worse. What is a person to do? Well at least try to read the information in front of you and make some kind of informed decision. It’s an honor and privilege to vote so the least we can do is make an effort.

What I really hope you will do this year when you go into that voting booth is take off your blinders, put on your rose colored glasses and see all of the different color choices you have to pick from. Then proudly cast your vote in the big bold colors of red, white and blue.



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