Visualization is the grown-up word for imagination


Visualization is the grown up word for imagination

White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 18

 “Visualization is the grown-up word for imagination”

30 days of life lesson quotes. I cannot begin to explain the importance of connecting to the positive thoughts and feelings that will become the vision of your dreams. Finding that first spark or seed is vital to allowing your brain to create the pictures of your future. I get excited when a stubborn grown-up finally decides to put on those rose colored glasses and take a peek at the possibilities of things they may not have been ready to see before. I know if they can find just one tiny speck of something different, then there is unlimited potential for their future.

The key is to create new mental images, paint fantastic scenes of the future, and think in a world where anything is possible. Your brain has the power to construct your ideal vision and that is nothing but pure childlike thinking. Your thoughts will shape your future but you must find that mind-altering form of energy that will shape your happiness and success.

Everything and I do mean everything, starts with a single thought in your head … but what I don’t understand is why adults are so stubborn and set in their mature ways of thinking they insist on calling this powerful technique visualization. Why can’t they just call it what it is – Imagination. A world of make-believe!

This life quote is the basic foundation for both  “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses” and “Grown-ups Don’t Skip

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