Top 10 reasons Halloween is the happiest day of the year


Halloween Happy? Heck yeah!

Susan Sherbert Pumpkin faceHalloween is one of my favorite topics to write about because it’s so full of strange and crazy things that make absolutely no sense. How can we have disgusting and terrifying monsters and adorable little princesses and superheroes all sharing the same space at the same time. Yet on October 31 anything goes. The good, the bad, and the weird all coexist in peace. Again, it makes no logical sense, but here is why I think Halloween is the happiest day of the year. 

1. There is no fear

Halloween is full of monsters, murderers, zombies all things dead and once a year the truly gruesome is not only tolerated but celebrated! I will never understand Halloween. Perfectly sane, non-violent people celebrate the terror of Halloween with haunted decorations including skeletons, tombstones, and totally gross body parts. Then they take those decorations down and up put up twinkling lights that celebrate joy to the world. Death, horror, blood and guts, are all symbols of Halloween yet for some reason people are not afraid. Maybe the true value of Halloween lies in the idea that we face our fears and embrace the things that scare us! No fear – I like that!

2. Dreams come true

Now we are talking. My child-like thinking absolutely prefers the dress up side of Halloween. How awesome is it that one day a year we can be anything we want! We get to use our imagination and bring our childhood dreams to life. On Halloween our inner desires get to come out and play, and not within the privacy of our home, but we actually get to go out in public dressed as a princess, a rock star or a politician. But wait it gets even better because we don’t even have to restrict our dreams to the reality of the human body. We can be a bottle of wine, a pumpkin, an animal, a cartoon character, a toaster or any darn thing we want. Whatever our heart desires can be publicly embraced on Halloween. How is that for happiness!

3. Sugar is celebrated

Talk about happy! 364 day a year sweets are on our restricted list and we try to avoid sugar and eat healthy. But on the happiest day of the year sugar is handed out by the handful! People are just giving it away for free. I mean literally people are giving away candy and we send our kids around the neighborhood to collect the forbidden sweets in buckets and bags! Crazy but sweet!

4. Everyone gets to be a move star

Who doesn’t want to live life like a move star? Well once a year we get the opportunity to live like a Hollywood star by dressing up, putting on make-up and pretending to be someone else. Leave your dull life behind. Write your own scripts. Go out and greet your adoring fans.

5. The Government is off the hook

Halloween is on the calendar just like every other holiday except Halloween is not really a holiday. We get paid days off to celebrate certain dead people, just not zombies and vampires. And although Halloween is all about free expression and personal freedom, the government just can’t make Halloween official. I’m sure there are some lobbyists out there that think the day is nothing but a big trick, but I see the fact that the government isn’t involved as a real treat.

6. Businesses profit

We all know that when businesses profit everyone is happy. Both the weight loss industry and the candy manufacturers profit from this one day of the year. Hollywood does well with all the horror movies. The costume and make-up people work all year for October 31. Even the good old farmers have figured out a way to make a huge profit in their off season. I’m sure we must decorate and carve up more pumpkins then we actually consume. Heck, even the company that makes the traditional Easter Peeps are now making money on Halloween.

7. Families actually spend time together

Gone are the days of eating a meal together around the kitchen table, but I think Halloween is one night of the year when there may still be some hope for family togetherness. I heard that Halloween is the 2nd most popular day for pizza delivery, so hopefully families are eating the pizza together at the table before the big night out. Plus October 31 is one day of the year when parents actually make an effort to get out of the office and come home early so they can spend time with their kids. Well okay, maybe parents are leaving work early so they can get dressed up. Yet Halloween must be doing something right because its one night of the year where adults put work second and fun comes first.

8. Neighborhoods are friendly

Knock Knock! Quick run and hide, it must be people preaching religion or kids selling magazines. Yet on Halloween night we can’t open our door quick enough. We know there are axe murders and all kinds of crazy people out stalking our neighborhood, but we don’t run and hide. No we go out and join them! There are no “keep out” signs and trespassing is practically encouraged. And if you decided to be the neighborhood grouch – no problem. Turn off your lights and no one will bother you.  But don’t do that. Don’t be a party pooper! Get out and join the fun. It only happens one day a year.

9. Racism is put on hold

Halloween is color blind. We put masks on and become someone we are not. We take our masks off and embrace the person we are. Some even paint their faces green and become a wicked old witch. For one special night of the year, everyone is seen as an equal.

9. No judgment allowed

Halloween is the one exception to the “we care what people think” rule. For some reason on October 31, everyone is exempt from judgment and embarrassment. I have seen perfectly masculine men go to parties dressed in women’s clothing. Children go to school dressed as cows, elephants, pirates, and jelly beans. It is not uncommon to see a clown, a witch or a convict in the work place on Halloween. If grown-ups dressed like a pumpkin, a tooth fairy, or a can of bug spray on any day other than October 31, people would be thought of as crazy. Why not change your thinking and try to make everyday feel like Halloween. Judge people by their actions, not by the clothes they choose to put on their bodies.

 10. The elderly are happy

Of course we can’t forget about the elderly. Well actually we do forget about the elderly but at least on Halloween they are happy too. I’m sure some old folks get more visitors on the one night of Halloween than they do the rest of the entire year. Now that is kind of scary – terrifying actually.

The point is Halloween is one day of the year when good and evil peacefully coexist. People just get along. I wish we could all be this happy and accepting every day of the year… only can we please do it without all of the blood and guts!



Susan Sherbert wrote a humor column for over 12 years but her real passion is helping people understand just how much negative thoughts dominate the adult way of thinking. Imagine how different your life could be if your thoughts were courageous, fearless, and passionate instead. Susan Sherbert brings awareness to the power of child-like thinking to help reduce fears, awaken dreams, and open the grown-up mind to exciting new ideas. She is the author of Grown-ups Don’t Skip and A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses





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