Thoughts and Actions are everything!


Thoughts AND Actions
are a powerful combination!

Thoughts and actions are everything! They are a magical combination that can change just about anything. In theory if we change our thoughts then our actions are likely to follow. Sounds simple enough, but we are adults so life is always more complex then we realize.Quote by Susan Sherbert


There are thousands of reasons why we may not be able to control the power of our thoughts and actions, but one thing I do know is that passion and purpose is within you right now. I have no idea the secrets Mother Nature holds but I do know that seeds, like your dreams, come from within. Everything required to grow your thoughts into something strong and beautiful already exists. How seeds are made is a mystery, but I know that plants and humans both have all of the resources they need and when the time is right, seeds will begin to form. It’s just like that with your goals and desires. Your inspiration already exists. It is within you right now. You just have to wake up those thoughts, take better actions, and make some space so your seeds have room to grow.

The way I see it, the problem isn’t making the seed because we produce seeds all the time and don’t even know it. The task is to find our thought seeds so we can plant them in better locations. That can be tricky because in the beginning new ideas are so small they barely exist. Plus as adults our creativity and imagination is so out of shape that our ability to see an inspiration the size of a seed, is really hard to find. Our grown-up vision has become blocked and out of focus.

Plus there are studies that show that our peripheral vision shrinks as we get older. A child tends to see the whole big picture whereas grown-ups tend to focus on specific limited areas of sight. Our vision becomes distorted because our attention becomes limited to the issues that are right in front of us. The result is that we clearly see reality but forget about the power of possibility – which is one of the most powerful tools we possess. The ability to acknowledge that things could be different has the power to create thought seeds that can change a life forever, yet we see problems not solutions. We see pressure and responsibility, instead of unrealistic dreams. And according to the law of attraction, what we focus on, the images that get the most attention, are the actions that create the harvest we produce.

The solution is that if you want better actions, you need to change your thoughts. Again easier said then done. But the insight I want to leave you with is that with a bit of nourishment, personal growth will happen. Probably not right away. Like a tree, we can’t see the growth that happens on a daily basis. We have to give it time to do its thing. That means we need to pay closer attention to our thoughts, stay aware of our goals, and take small actions every day. Once we begin to shift our focus, our lives will begin to change. We need to develop good habits and cultivate an environment that is ripe for growth and success. Then one day you will step back and… Wow! Look at all that growth. Your actions were producing seeds all along and you didn’t even see it! Have patience and let your thoughts inspire better actions.

A quote from A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses
“Your actions are producing seeds.
Have patience and let them bloom”


Susan Sherbert is author of “Grown-ups Don’t Skip” and
#1 best seller “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses”

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