Think like a child and dream


Act ilke an adult and PLAN - Think ilke a child and DREAM,

White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 16

“Live like and adult and PLAN but think like a child and DREAM”

30 days of life lesson quotes. When was the last time you felt excited enough to skip? Did you embrace the moment and feel the joy, or did you refrain and act like the responsible adult you are supposed to be? The purpose of everything I do is to help adults shift their thinking and try to remember and connect with just one tiny bit of the courageous and joyful little being we once were.

Of Course we must ACT and live like responsible adults but why can’t we also embrace the simple mindset of a child and dream. It’s not an either or choice. I have a fantastic list on my website that compares the responsible grown-up world we live in now compared to a kids positive outlook on life that we started out with. For example:

Kids are full of imagination – Adults are full of reality
Kids are curious about things – Adults become overwhelmed by things
Kids focus on the positive – Adults get caught up on the negative
Kids have acceptance for others – Adults try to change others

As we get older imagination and dreams are replaced with pressure and responsibility. Playtime becomes work time, and there is no place for the seeds of success and happiness to grow. Again, my message isn’t about denying life as an adult, it’s about changing your thoughts and reconnecting with the dreams and positive emotions that are usually reserved for the very young.

Unfortunately life happens and responsibility and pressure take over, time and money become involved, and friends and family can get very complicated. As a result we learn about fear, hate, and jealously. We do our best to be kind, but criticism and judgment creep into our lives. We put our needs in front of others, and too often we end up on a different path than we expected.

Now imagine what your life would be like if we could bring back just some of the traits and feelings from that magical age. There is some unlearning to be done but once you begin to THINK (not act) like a four year old, you can then start building a life full of fun, success, enthusiasm and joy.

This Life Lesson Quote is a topic that is the foundation for both “Grown-Ups Don’t Skip Have FUN Be Happy Enjoy Life” and “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses

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