The Power of Rose Colored Glasses


Rose colored glasses are like having x ray vision

White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 14

“Rose colored glasses help you discover thing that are
hidden, blocked to hard to see”

30 days of life lesson quotes.  As you can probably tell by now, I am proud to wear rose colored glasses! And why shouldn’t I – who wouldn’t want to see the world through a positive lens? Would the world be a better place if everyone put on dark glasses and focused on the negative energy? Rose colored glasses are a tool to help us clarify and focus, not blinders that block our reality. To explain my excitement for these powerful vision enhancers let me share this from my book

As kids life was simple and our parents protected us so our vision was pretty good. We didn’t need to wear glasses. We just sat back and enjoyed the day. Well, as responsible adults life has changed quite a bit since then. We have no choice but to live in a world of reality. We have commitments, jobs, and family. Fears, worries, pressures, and failures are all too common in the grown-up world. People let you down; but they also lift you up. You laugh, you cry. You feel joy and experience pain. This is all part of the real world we live in. Welcome to life.

Just as a white hat is a symbol of action, I see rose colored glasses as a symbol of clarity. Look at your thoughts, feelings, and limiting beliefs and try to see past those blocks to find your true vision. Learn to know when you are wearing your rose colored glasses and when you are hiding behind your dark glasses. Life is made up of both positive and negative, good and bad, and the right set of specks can help you see the world from a well-rounded perspective. Learn to focus on the possibilities of a world full of creativity, love, and change for the better. A strong vision has the power to open your mind so that you may begin to clearly focus on the things that truly matter in your life. To me, rose colored glasses don’t limit or block vision – they enhance.

Rose Colored Glasses = Clarity

One other point is that glasses are not laser eye surgery. That means we don’t wear glasses all the time. We put them on and carelessly take them off. Sometimes our vision is fine. It’s on track and we clearly see our life and the direction we are headed. Other times we get so stuck that that our vision becomes out of focus and unclear. We don’t even realize we have our dark glasses on.  In my childlike mind I see rose colored glasses more like x-ray vision or night vision goggles. Those devices are used to discover things that are hidden, blocked or hard to find. How cool is that!


This Life Lesson Quote is the basis for the clarity section discussed in  “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses

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