The joys of having the party house


Parties and summertime fun

by Susan Sherbert

Swimming pool

During the winter your life is fairly normal because people forget that you have a pool, but as soon as that first ray of sunshine starts gleaming through your window, it means it’s time to clean house! People will be inviting themselves over any day now, or you will get talked into hosting yet another party. That’s what happens when you have a pool – people assume that you like to party.

And there is a bit of truth to it, because if you wanted the water all to yourself, you would have put in a jacuzzi, not a swimming pool big enough to hold all of your friends. Yeah, when you have a pool in the back yard you might as well put an open house sign out front.

Parties are such odd things. I actually don’t have a swimming pool but I do have the party house. And one thing I have never understood. When someone is invited to a party, how come they find it a hassle or an inconvenience and decide not to attend? I just don’t get it! Someone is offering you free food and free fun all you have to do is walk in the door.

Plus you don’t know who else was invited to the gathering so the potential is endless. You could meet the man or woman of your dreams, you could make an all important business contact, you could make a new friend. Okay you might get stuck sitting next to the most boring person on earth, but isn’t a few hours worth the risk of possibly having a good time? Besides, it actually costs you money to not attend a party. If you stay home then you have to pay for your own food, pay for the electricity to microwave the meal, pay for the soap and water to clean up afterwards. Plus you probably won’t even get any dessert so you’ll have to use some gas for that yogurt run. All of that in the same boring atmosphere that you see every other night of the week. So again, I ask why would anyone not show up for a party?

I guess the real question is why on earth
is anyone stupid enough to be giving a party in the first place?

The host has to organize, plan, stress, and worry over how the party will turn out. They have to practically become an accountant to estimate how much each person is likely to eat, guess what and how much they are likely to drink, and that doesn’t even take into account the decorations, the music, and all the other details of a good party.

Then on party day, the host doesn’t even get to enjoy the party because they are too busy running around making sure everyone else is having a good time. And it’s not like the host can leave early if they get tired. They have to stay to the very end and then they are stuck cleaning up the entire mess the next morning.

I guess it doesn’t really matter if the party was planned or spontaneous, inside or out by the pool, the purpose of a party to spend time with friends, so we all need to be greatful for our friends that have the party house.  Yet just once in a while, as the person with the party house, I have to stop and ask…  if all of these party guests were true friends, couldn’t someone else decide to host the party for a change? And don’t even get me started about holiday entertaining! Parties are fun but they require a lot of work so stop making excuses, show up, and get your butt over to that party! And unless you want to volunteer to stay and do the dishes, maybe it would be a good idea to show up with a bunch of flowers for the hostess!!


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