The Grandparent Gap


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Grand Magazine

The Grand Parent Gap

Imagine how powerful life could be if we were passionate and creative with the imagination and excitement of a fearless little child. Oh wait! We don’t have to imagine those qualities because they arrive prepackaged in the form of grandkids.

The question is if you are in that grandparent gap (that space before your kids have kids, or the space between long awaited visits from the grandchildren) are you out living your life with joy and enthusiasm or do you regress back into the grown-up ways of passive activity and dull routine?

Some people rely on grandchildren to fill their life with fun and excitement. To avoid this, I strongly encourage you to pay closer attention to the invaluable lessons these amazing beings are trying to teach. Grandparents could benefit if they learn tothink like their grandkids. Let me put it this way. Kids have fun because they participate in life. They are inquisitive, courageous, and engage the world around them.

The Grand Parent Gap as seen in Grand Magazine

As adults many of us have been hurt or disappointed so when life presents us with adventures we often see fears, risks and potential discomfort. That can lead to missed opportunities that keep us with our comfort zone. Grandkids are fantastic at pulling people out of their adult ways of thinking. Unfortunately when the kids leave they often take the fun with them.

Don’t let this happen to you. If you are stuck in that grandparent gap with memories of time with the grandkids, then embrace the gap with your own grown-up adventures. Be inspired. Take action. Learn to thinklike your grandkids and discover your own adventures. Have fun and may that grandparent gap be as enjoyable as time spent with grandkids. Well, okay almost as fun because there truly is nothing better than time with our precious little beings.


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