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Thought it was just about smiling and being happy BUT IT IS SO MUCH MORE!!!  I’m almost finished reading your book for the first time. The reason I said first time is because I know I’ll continue to re-read it to refresh my childish ways after I screw myself up again in this adult world.  Sure opens up your mind to the stupid things we let adult culture do to us. What I’m trying to say is thank you for the mind opening!” 

Victoria McDonald


Susan Sherbert your humor works for me! I read your newsletter and it gets passed around the office for all to enjoy! I thinks it’s refreshing – in a Dennis Miller sort of way:) We tend to ge too rapped up in things that we think are important… thanks for the breather!! Keep up the good work – I see the next Erma in the Making!!”


Susan  Sherbert is one of the wittiest writers that I personally know and I can’t wait to read her monthly newsletter. Whether it’s an offbeat look at the human condition, or just another corny joke, she brightens up my day. Kind of a Dave Barry… but just a bit wacky…. “

Chuck Bankoff

“ I want to thank you for the enjoyment you bring us every month with your quirky newsletter. We chuckle over it often on the day we read it. It is never, ever a throw out until it’s read.”


 I always look forward to Susan Sherbert’s humor as an opportunity to stop my hectic pace and let her numor heal and refresh my attitude.”

Je’net Kreitner


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