Take a stand against violence


I couldn’t let it go – I had to take a stand against violence

Most of you know that I’m all about thinking like a child and having fun, but the other day the grown-up in me had to take a stand against violence. I don’t like violent movies and I personally believe that violent images are not good for society as a whole. Our brain is this super powerful computer that when you put any kind of data in, good or bad, the mind will spin that image into an endless number of other scenarios.

I don’t think most people fully comprehend the enormous influence the eye has on the brain.

Once your brain gets a hold of an image it takes that single frame and blasts it into a hundred different directions. Gee I never thought to kill a person with a straw but since you showed me how, now my brain can come up with twenty other ways to do damage with a straw. Multiply every horrendous footage of film, violent video game, or negative image in our memory banks and the compound results the brain can extrapolate are frightening to me. Understanding this was one of those eye opening moments for me.

I can’t fight Hollywood and the amount of money made on violent video games is staggering. People already think I live in fantasyland because of my rose-colored glasses so what chance do I have to convince them to give up violent movies? None. However I try to be the hero in my own life. I wear a white hat. That means I had to take action and do something. I did the only thing I knew how to do. I took responsibility for my own action and made an unwavering commitment to myself to take a stand against violence.

I will no longer contribute to the problem. I will not allow my money to go towards violent movies, and I will not give my brain access to those awful images that I believe are so harmful to society. People can argue, disagree, and tell me that I am totally wrong. I’m okay with that. I am not trying to change other people. They are free to watch all the violence they want. This is about doing what I think is right. About standing up for what I believe in.

The other day I was presented with a test of my commitment

I saw an image on a website of Santa in a military plane holding a big gun with the caption “Santa cleaning up his naughty list.” Now I can totally understand how this could be seen as funny, however the image that went from my eye to my brain was not amusing to me. I had taken a stand against violence and the site was supposed to be clean and funny, yet this particular image totally crossed my personal line. It was something that I just couldn’t let go.

I responded back about how in my opinion the picture was not funny and that Santa is a childhood hero so he shouldn’t be made into a killer. I realize you may think I’m over reacting but remember I personally believe that images we see are with us for the rest of our lives and we can’t delete them.

I was also fully aware that one comment or reply in social media could go terribly wrong very quickly. Sure enough there was a rapid reply saying that he was a military man and that our troops needed protecting. I could not disagree with him so I was very careful in my response. I replied that it was a good discussion. I agree that our troops need to be protected however, because of my strong belief against casual violent images in society I would not have been true to myself if I did not comment on that picture. Both sides had made their points and we agreed to disagree. Again, this is my personal mission and I don’t want to pick a fight or add more negativity and hostility to a situation. However I must stand up for what I feel strongly about – it’s a white hat thing.

Remember, one image can easily turn into a hundred other ideas. Start to become aware of the images you are feeding your brain. Put the good stuff in so you can get even better stuff out.

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