There is no substitute for ACTION

White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 28

“There is no substitute for ACTION”

30 days of life lesson quotes. Yesterday we talked about awareness so today we must talk about action. The clarity that awareness brings followed up by a physical real world action is one of the most powerful combinations we have to move us to success and happiness. In fact the only difference between being the hero in your own life or staying right where you are is that the people who truly want something better take action and get their dreams started. Let me repeat that. The people who succeed get started! They take action. That’s it.

We can talk all we want, live in the light, and be hyper conscious of our positive thoughts, but if we never do anything about it, if we never take any action, then nothing happens. Action is the white hat hero stuff I have been nagging you about. Don’t let those magnificent and inspiring thoughts stay in your head forever. Do something, anything, to get your thoughts out of your head. Write your thoughts, dreams, and goals down. That puts them into the physical realm. Talk, discuss, read, or research your ideas or dreams. Those are actions too. Make a phone call, make a list, start a vision board, go outside and take a look round. Any kind of movement or physical effort counts as an action.

And if you didn’t notice, those suggestions are all super tiny almost micro actions. But it doesn’t matter because they are actions! They are movements that bring your desires, dreams, and conscious thoughts into the real physical world. Move the mental into the physical because there is no substitute for action. We must put some kind of physical motion out into the world or nothing happens. Period! That’s it! Without action there is nothing.

This Life Lesson Quote is from the chapter on action in “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses” 

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