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Awareness is the beginning of change


White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 27 “When you stir up awareness it is the beginning of change” 30 days of life lesson quotes. To me awareness is one of the most powerful assets we do not take advantage of. Using the creativity of … Continue reading

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Not as they appear to be

How often in life are things not as they appear to be? As humans we love to keep things simple. It’s not that we are actually lazy or anything, it’s just that life is so complex that the easier we can … Continue reading

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Golf and Life Lesson – Less is more

When overcompensation happens the answer is less is more! I don’t know if taking time off is good for the golf game but I do know that less is more. I had my first golf lesson of the new year with my Pro … Continue reading

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Golf and Life Lesson – Change Just Feels Funny

Change is part of life but it just doesn’t feel right Another golf lesson already? I haven’t even become comfortable with the whole change the position of my divots yet. Okay yes my new swing is starting to feel a little bit better after … Continue reading

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A little humor about adapting to change

Okay a BIG FUNNY rant about adapting to change Change happens. We can’t avoid it. In my book I write a lot about the fears and obstacles associated with adapting to change. But right now I have bigger issues to complain about. I know adapting … Continue reading

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