Podcast and radio Interviews


Susan Sherbert's radio interviewListen to Susan Sherbert as a guest on these enlightening podcast and radio interviews

Life in Purple with Host Laura Spragg
LipTalk Nation

NO LIMITS This was a fantastic interview. Laura Spragg is energeic and full of passion. We had a great interview leaving you with tons of insights and plenty to think about. You will hear valuable steps that you can immediately apply to have a new perspective on life. Are your fearful? Or are you fearless? What you say is what you become.

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Doug Gfeller the coaching perspectiveThe Coaching Perspective
with host Doug Gfeller

This was my first in studio radio show and it was really fun! I had a really good conversation with Doug Gfeller where we focused more on the business side of the power of child-like thinking. In fact “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses” was written with coaches in mind because removing those adult limiting beliefs is a great place to start any coaching program. 

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The Entrepreneur Way
with host Neil Ball

Having Big Dreams and Keeping Them Alive. Another first! The show is based in England so this was my first international podcast. It was an interesting interview because Neil Ball asked some really good, business focused, questions.

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Nashville presents podcase

The Singletary Network with host Patrenna Singletary
Nashville Presents: Saturdays with Singletary.

COOKING THE OCTOPUS This was the second interview with Patrenna Singletary. The theme of this conversation was dreams and fears but it starts with a fun story about cooking the octopus.

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Attitude Adjustment hosted by Dr. Iris Rosenfeld on www.InnerLightRadio.com

Topic: The Fun of Youth. “Imagine how powerful your life could be if you were to think like an excited little four year old.”

You are guaranteed to leave with 2 clear steps to transform your attitude immediately.  This show will create empowerment towards a paradigm shift of limitless possibilities in vitality and longevity for you and your family. Become inspired, entertained and uplifted as Dr Iris and her guests share their personal roadblocks and triumphs.

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Perscriptions for Healing Conflict hosted by Mari Frank on 
KUCI 88.9 in Irvine

Comment from a listener…

“You came across very naturally.  You knew your subject.  You have a very pleasing voice.  We understood your conviction to your topic and it was contagious to us in the audience.  Your stories were clear, well told and backed up the points you were making.”   – John G.

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Since these radio interviews went so well, I’m looking for more! If you know of someone who hosts a radio show please send them a link to this page and/or send me their contact information so I can get in touch. I am looking for speaking engagements as well. Thank you for the help.