Step 5 Having fun means going outside to play


Take action! Start having fun again

Having fun outsideWhy is it that some people seem to enjoy life and have tons of fun, while others seem to sit around and watch life pass them by? The answer is; the people out having fun, are well, out having fun.

We have looked at some reasons why we have lost our fun. We have questioned our thoughts and analyzed our behavior. Now it is time to take action! Adding fun to your life requires physical effort. Having fun is within your reach, you just need to give your body, and your brain, permission to come out and play.

Grown-ups who retain their youthful vitality don’t hang around hoping that someone will knock on their door and ask them if they can come out and play. If you want to live a big full life, you need to start by getting off the computer, off the couch, and away from the digital world. Make life happen – go outside and find the fun that surrounds you everyday. When we were kids, fun could be anything from playing house, to riding bikes, to watching ants crawl in the grass. How did we go from finding pleasure and fascination in everything around us to not even wanting to go outside unless the sun is shining? And even then, we ride in an air-conditioned car to get to our destination.

As you can tell, going outside to play is the next step in the process, because what good is a dream, or a thought, if it stays in your head? Having fun means turning the mental, into the physical. You need to get up and go outside – and I don’t mean just outside your own front door. It is time to go outside your comfort zone.

“Kids have playtime – Adults call it exercise”

Having fun means no more security blankets

It is time to go outside your mental comfort zones. As adults, fear often scares us into a rut of comfort, and if we find a nice safe warm spot, we might just decide to stay for a while. Fear is no good, and pleasure can be a lot of work, so that comfortable spot becomes a nice secure way of life – nice and dull that is. Yes, facing any fear is scary, but having fun is a good thing. The feelings of joy and passion are important, especially in our grown-up lives. So try to let your fears be a warning that inspires you to move forward, instead of something that causes you to retreat back into a safe comfortable way of life.

Kids aren’t concerned with comfort. They can wear clothes that are uncomfortable or don’t fit properly and they put play and fun first; comfort comes second, if at all. Grown-ups on the other hand, have enormous comfort zones – both mental and physical. I realize that comfort is an important part of the adult world, but we just have to be careful that it doesn’t become our security blanket. I once heard that a person’s career starts to fade as soon as they get comfortable. This is probably true for many things in life. When we get comfortable, it becomes harder to push ourselves to change things. Grown-ups want to feel comfortable and stay in a place where they feel safe and secure. But that can get kind of boring! Part of having fun is embracing the unknown and feeling the excitement again. Fun is an adventure and a risk worth taking.

Chapter 8 of Grown-up Don’t Skip Have FUN Be Happy also talks about why grown-ups have become too “energy efficient.” In other words, there is a section about watching too many movies and too much television. To help change that, a fun task is included to help you get away from the electronic world. It encourages to get out into the real world where you may actually stop and find a rose to smell.

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