Step 4 Make Friends Fart and Giggle


Make friends by finding the common bond

Make friend find a common bond

What is it about farts! The mere mention of the word is enough to put a smile on the face of some, and a stern look of disapproval from others. Why is there such a strong reaction to farts? People hiccup and sneeze too, but the response is a “Bless you” or a “Gesundheit,” no

t total hysterics, embarrassment, or censure. Everyone farts, even the Queen of England. And that is my point. To make friends you have to find a common bond.

When deciding on a title for this chapter, I struggled with using the word fart. I knew the playful adults would smile at the title, but would that one little word offend some of the other readers? It was a tough call, but I had to go with the giggle. Please don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that farts are good. I’m just saying that a fart is no different then a burp. It’s just gas leaving our bodies. I don’t fully understand why farts are funny, but the reality is, some people, especially little boys, can’t resist a good giggles over the gas we pass.

The lesson to be learned in this chapter is that people are all different, yet we are all the same. We all fart, yet some people laugh at the sound, while others frown. Wouldn’t life be grand if we could all think like a four year old and accept our differences, embrace our uniqueness, and celebrate our common interests? Wouldn’t that help us make friends and improve our relationships?

Make friends from the inside out

The important point is to look beyond the differences and try to see what’s on the inside. What common interest or traits do you share with other human beings? What is the connection that will bring people together? For kids this is easy. They want to have fun so they grab a ball, make friend and go outside and play. The ball becomes the common bond and everyone has a good time. For grown-ups finding that common bond is not so easy. Life is now full of fears, feelings, and memories, so finding a game everyone will bond over becomes difficult. The connection that unites us together is no longer as obvious as a ball on a playground. It now requires a bit more work to get around the barriers and walls that we put up to keep us safe. However once you do find a common bond, the effort is well worth it because playtime with friends is extremely valuable in the grown up world.

Chapter 8 of Grown-up Don’t Skip Have FUN Be Happy contains one of the best lessons in the book. By focusing on the fun and finding a common bond, you will begin to make friends; or at least you should find someone to play with. Parties are also discussed in this chapter, plus there is a list of the 12 signs that you may be a party pooper.

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