Smile Everyday


Remember to SMILE Every Single Day

White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 21

“Remember to SMILE every single day”

30 days of life lesson quotes. Someone once said to me that people will go to the ends of the earth for nothing more than a smile. And it’s so true! A smile can change everything and you can do it without having to say a single word. And since I need to focus my life lessons more on the white hat actions we need to take, let’s start with the smile.

A smile is an action! And oh what a wonderful action it is. It’s not a difficult thing to do and requires virtually no effort or energy on our part. A tiny movement of our lips and “Bam!” you have magical powers. It’s not painful. It doesn’t take up our valuable time. It doesn’t even require that we learn special skills to use it. And best of all you can give and receive a lifetime supply of smiles all for FREE! Wow! Can it get any better than that!!

So the question is why don’t adults use this incredible asset that we have had since birth? Since my brain thinks like a four year old I could probably come up with a hundred creative reasons why grown-ups don’t smile enough. But we don’t have time for all that childish non-sense. I need to get to straight to the point!

Okay here it is… the Susan Sherbert theory as to why adults don’t smile enough: Why? Because grown-ups tend to complicate and over think almost everything therefore a smile must just be way too simple for the grown-up mind to use.


This Life Lesson Quote is a topic that is the foundation for both “Grown-Ups Don’t Skip Have FUN Be Happy Enjoy Life” and “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses

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