Fun Practical Joke – How to Short Sheet a bed


How to Short Sheet a Bed 

Many of you know that I sold over 4,000 copies of my book about how to short sheet a bed. Hopefully that means you can pull off this fun yet safe practical joke and will share this humorous prank with future generations. For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, here is a cute video we put together about how short sheeting a bed is done.

This fun little book changed my life!

Learn the secret to Short Sheeting a bed

There is more to my short sheeting a bed adventure then you may think. Did you know that this fun little 28 page book changed my life? When I wrote Learn the secret to Short Sheeting a Bed I had no idea it would put me on the path to the become the writer that I am today.  But before I tell you my story I have to brag about my 5 star review on Amazon because this little book really will surprise you!

I really wanted to give this book a 4. After all it is a book on short sheeting a bed. What it is, is a book that teaches you how to short sheet a bed. But it doesn’t just stop there. It gives you theories on how short sheeting beds began! Does it matter that they are probably all wrong. NO because they are theories. It talks about repercussions of short sheeting someone’s bed.

This is a fun little book. PLUS it actually teaches you how to short sheet a bed. Something I had heard about, but had never seen. I enjoyed this book thoroughly.”

     – 4Nbahu

learn to short sheet a bed on amaon


Anyway, on with the story. To this day I’m not really sure why I wrote this book. One could say it was divine inspiration or some such thing, but one night I just wrote a silly little book. That is not really a big deal. How many of us have written down stories and idea from our lives? What is important is the fact that my words did not get stuck in some drawer somewhere never to be seen again.  Since I worked at a print shop at the time I was able to put my story into book format, but the important lesson is that I did not let my dream end up in a drawer. When someone suggested I try to sell my book to a bedding and linen store I did not totally dismiss the idea even though I knew it was not retail book material. What I did was call the marketing department and ask who I could send a crazy idea to. 

I took one small action. So there I stood with the name of the marketing person for a major linen chain in my hand. I could have set that paper down to be lost forever, but I didn’t. I had the courage to take another small action. I wrote a letter explaining some fun ideas for my silly little book. I even suggested that they could use the book as a free gift with purchase for the college kids going back to school. Again I could have rejected the entire idea as stupid and easily talked myself out of sending that letter. But I didn’t. I figured, what do I have to lose? All that will happen is they could say no. Yet so often we let those tiny little thoughts talk us out of something that has to potential to change our lives forever. Luckily this was not one of those times when I let those stupid little fears stop me. “What the heck I,” said and I put the letter and a copy of my book in an envelope and I sent it out into the world!

Guess what happened? That’s right, without a single follow up, about two weeks later I received a phone call. It was the lady from the linen company and they loved the idea. They wanted 2,000 copies to use in their back to school campaign! Wow! That just doesn’t happen in the real world… but wait, maybe if we all took a few more chance then maybe more things like this would happen in the real world. In fact, because of a simple follow up call, they ordered another 2,000 copies and ran the same promotions again the second year.

I could go on and explain all of the obstacles and issues that I never saw coming, but the point is, I was now a published author. I had sold my book and my writing ability was validated. That was huge. Unfortunately it took me almost another twenty years to actually own my talent. Even though I was technically a published author, I continued to discount my success and say things like “Oh it was just a self-published little book about a stupid practical joke” or “Yeah, it was all beginners luck.” Oh how I wish I had owned my purpose and talent a whole lot earlier because it was not until I finished my second full book “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses” that I finally had the courage to take ownership of my skill, abilities, and life purpose. I refuse beat myself up over the long delay because now I am ready. I fully accept that I am a published author and I finally have the confidence to call myself a writer!

…and it all started with a silly little spark about how to short sheet a bed.

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