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5 starsReviews for A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses

A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses by Susan Sherbert

Terrific. Clever, funny, full of wit and smarts. One of the best books I’ve read for a long time.” 

Susan Sherbert is an amazing author. She’s insightful  Susan Sherbert is an amazing author. She’s insightful, witty and “right on.” Self-help books seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but this one is different. She makes you have that “ah-HA” moment over and over again. Her approach and her writing is fabulous. You will enjoy this book and better yet, learn from it. Thank you, Susan.

In Sales Camp I encourage my clients to take the next big step in their business. The strategies in “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses” are another great tool I can recommend to my clients and business owners to help them face their fears, gain mental clarity, and take more inspired action. When it comes to changing your mindset to be more effective and efficient, Susan Sherbert’s book gives you plenty to think about.”

Ursula Mentjes, M.S. President of Sales Coach Now
#1 Bestselling Author of Selling with Intention and Selling with Synchronicity

What people are saying – Reviews for Grown-ups Don’t Skip

have fun, be happy, enjoy life

 Thought the book was just about smiling and being happy BUT IT IS SO MUCH MORE!!!  I’m almost finished reading your book for the first time. The reason I said first time is because I know I’ll continue to re-read it to refresh my childish ways after I screw myself up again in this adult world.  Sure opens up your mind to the stupid things we let adult culture do to us. What I’m trying to say is thank you for the mind opening!”
              Victoria McDonald

5 stars Gets you back into the mindset of a child Fantastic book and well written. Gets you inspired to connect with your inner child again and has some practical exercises to help you get there. There are little things I had forgotten in my adult years that Sherbert brings back to light.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone at any age. Whether you wear a suit to work or you stay at home with your little ones, READ THIS!
D. Price – My Adventure Playground

Make the time! What a great book! I bought it last night and I can’t put it down! Lets have some fun again!
     Robert Jugan

Have some fun! This is a fast fun read. In this day and age where as adults we worry about everything from health to money this book just reminds us that it’s ok to let loose and have some fun. Even if you are a kid at heart you will enjoy reading this book. I received this from LibraryThing Member Giveaway for an honest review.

Makes you feel good from start to finish. This book is a great reminder to take the time to enjoy the life you live. So many adults go through life living day by day and never take the time to JUST HAVE FUN. Read this book and remember what life was like when you were a care-free child, then follow the tips and apply some of what you read to bring more fun and happiness into your life. I definitely recommend reading this book.

I love how this book has everything…. from help to overcoming fears and obstacles to enjoying your body at any age! Personally I struggle with both those things. There are tips on making friends ” i don”t really have any trouble with that” :) It honestly just helps you remember that, its okay to play and have fun and enjoy your life at any age. I recommend this book to all! Young and Old!

Five Stars for a Fabulous & Fun Read “From the first page and all the way through to the last, this author captures the fun of being childlike and enjoying all the best life has to offer. Her examples are simple but profound. Many times adults forget to just relax and have fun. Real fun. That’s why Disneyland is so popular because adults are able to let their guard down and just enjoy having FUN! This book is a must read for all those people who enjoy having fun or have lost their way! I thoroughly enjoyed her writing style and sense of humor. Five stars.”
     Vince Vessey

The Missing Link “I’ve been pondering this question of how to play for a while. I knew that I was missing something and this book answered all of my questions. I thought I still remembered how to ‘play’, but the years had slowly but surely eroded and distorted the memory, feeling and practice. This book was like opening up a treasure chest of tools to rekindle the sense of play and wonder. The exploration of this subject is a perfect adjunct to mindfulness practice and self nurturing.”
     R. Jordan

Laughed my A— Off  “I think I am a kid at heart but this book reminded me how easy it is to fall in the pattern of behaving like a “mature” adult. Reading this book really brought back the kid in me and when faced with a situation, I take the fun approach. The book is inspirational, very uplifting, fun, easy to read and sticks with you for a long time after. I highly recommend reading this book if you are going through a tough time in your life or just need a new lease on life.”
     Bold Cheryl


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