Removing one of my limiting beliefs


Buy My New Book TODAY!

There I said it! Buy my book. A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses is all about removing limiting beliefs, discovering the things that are holding you back, and facing fears by taking the right actions. Well, I have to say this book is changing MY life too.

One of my limiting beliefs is about money. I hate to ask for the sale and I’m not very good at asking for help either. I would have totally preferred to say things like “check out my new book”, “my book is now on Amazon”, or “read a sample chapter” but I can’t do that anymore. Why? Because my very own book has helped bring clarity and awareness to one of the things that is holding me back. That means I must put on my white hat and have the courage to actually ask you to buy a copy of my book.

Scratching head

It’s all so silly really because it’s a fantastic book that I am really proud of. Plus I’ve been told countless times that the material was not what people expected but they really enjoyed reading my work. So why then am I not able to confidently ask for people to pay me for my work! Plus if someone asks me to help out, donate, or support their cause I’m more then happy to help them out.

Again, why is my asking for help or money such a struggle for me? I’m not a hundred percent sure as to why there is a limiting belief  but with the clarity of my rose colored glasses I now know that my limiting beliefs exhist. My new book is about awareness and it’s like so many things in life that once you become aware of something it’s so much harder to ignore it. Therefore I now have my white hat securely on my head so I am asking for you help. Will you buy my book today and help me become #1 on Amazon?

What I have to do next is to stop the urge to apologize, or try to justify my actions. I have said it many times before but changes just feels funny. That means I need to give myself time to adjust to my newfound awareness. The good news is by the time book number three is out I’ll be a real pro! I might even have the courage by then to ask you to buy several copies of the new book.


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