Thank you for the Random Act of Kindness


On the receiving end of a Random act of Kindness

Thank you for the random act of kindnessYou hear about people dong random acts of kindess all the time. Well yesterday that kindness was bestowed on me and I have to tell you it felt pretty darn good!

I have family visiting from Scotland and the Cheese Cake Factory is alway a must place to eat. The place was busy so we were given a table for two kind of squished between two other tables. We hardly noticed the other diners because we had a lot of catching up to do. Drinks were ordered and our favorite meals were served. Then towards the end of our meal the people on our right stood up, leaned over and said, “My daughter and I like to do something kind for other people so we have paid for your meal.”

What! This doesn’t happen in real life! We looked at each other almost in shock as the random act of kindness people tried to quietly make their exit. I didn’t know what to do so I jumped up and gave each of them a big hug. We talked for all of thirty seconds and then they headed out the door. Random act of kindness successfully delivered.

The impact of receiving a random act of kindness

That one simple act of paying for a meal left the two of us on cloud nine for hours. Days even. Those two strangers were just being nice and obviously they could afford it, so why did a random act of kindness have such a powerful impact on us? Family and friends do kind things for each other all the time, yet somehow when the act comes from a total stranger the feelings seem amplified somehow.

I think maybe because when the generosity is received from a total stranger that gift is one hundred percent pure. There are no strings attached, no expectations, and no need to reciprocate. Their kindness was given, and received freely – and that just doesn’t happen often enough in society today. 


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