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Beauty is measured by the surface of the skin - Youth comes from the soul within

A Favorite Quote by Susan Sherbert: Day 25

“Beauty is measured by the surface of the skin.
Youth comes from the soul within.”

30 days of life lesson quotes. Living life with the passion and confidence of youth does not come from a bottle or pill. It won’t come from repeated trips to the plastic surgeon. People try to look young, because they think it will make them feel young. They spend millions of dollars in pursuit of a younger looking body when what they really should be searching for is the simplified joy of youthful thinking. Connecting to the mindset of a child has nothing to do with your physical appearance. The youth we desire comes from within.

Four year olds don’t care what you look like. Fat, thin, no make-up, or all sweaty – kids don’t see it. When a child enters a room, they don’t cling to the best looking person they can find. The youthful spirit is attracted to energy and fun, not beauty and perfection. As adults, we need to re-train our brains to look past the surface and see what’s inside. Learn to look for warmth and laughter instead of flawless skin and good hair.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all look past the outer appearance and search the faces in a crowd for a wink, a smile, or an honest laugh? Kids want to be around people who participate and aren’t afraid to get dirty. You could be overweight, have a pimple the size of a volcano, or be in the middle of a really bad hair day, and still kids don’t care. They like you for your personality and kindness, not your looks and expensive accessories. Adults could learn a lot from that.

The good news is that youth is a matter of the mind, and even though there is wear and tear on the body, we can still change our attitude and change the direction of our thoughts. Mental youth can last a lifetime!


This Life Lesson Quote came from Susan Sherbert’s book “Grown-ups don’t skip have FUN be happy enjoy life.

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