Quirky Quotes – Old Saying with a new twist

Quirk Quotes Old sayings with a new twist


Quotes with attitude! Times change but too often our thinking stays in the past. That is why I have taken some old sayings, and upgraded them with a new twist. Plus I’ve included a few humorous bits about quotes that make absolutely no sense to me.

Sample Quirky Quote:

• If it ain’t broke charge a new one anyway

• The grass is always greener when someone else takes care of it for you

• Sticks and stones may break my bones but guns will kill me

• Good things come to those who control their weight

What the heck?
Quotes that make me go “huh?”

Dog Eat Dog World
I have never understood this quote, probably because it is way too violent for my taste buds. Since when do dogs eat other dogs? Now hamster eat hamster maybe I could understand, but dog eat dog I just don’t get. Okay, I confess, for years I thought this quote was doggie doggie world. That makes no sense either, but it makes the world sound like a nicer place to live. And yes my glasses do happen to have a rose colored hue.

Two Shakes Of A Lamb’s Tail
Do lambs even have tails? I’d have to go look at a photo to find out because when I think of a lambs all I see is a ball of fluff with legs. And you can’t pull the wool over my eyes with this quote because animals don’t shake their tails – they wag them.

P.S. What the heck is a heck?

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