Put the good stuff in


Put the good stuff in so you can get better stuff out

White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 11

“Put the good stuff in so you can get better stuff out”

30 days of life lesson quotes. The purpose of almost everything I do is to inspire people to change their thinking. My desire is for adults to begin to see the world from a more positive point of view. This is super important because I don’t think most people fully comprehend the enormous influence thoughts and images have on the brain. Once your mind gets a hold of a teeny tiny idea it can take that single spark and blasts it into a hundred different directions. If the idea is positive, fantastic! Dreams and success are on the way. However more often than not the “stuff” we give our brain to work on is heavily focused on problems, troubles, and all things negative. 

As adults we must learn to seek out the good stuff! Our brain is capable of creating absolutely incredible things but we must be aware that our mind creates both the positive AND the negativeThat is why I encourage responsible adults to put on their rose colored glasses so they can see what they need to see. A child can make good times out of everything, and nothing. They see the possibilities but as adults we see the realities. We focus on the negativity, look for the problems, and get stuck in a mindset full of worry and fear.

Both good and bad both exist so why can’t we focus on some of the good stuff for a change. If we put negative images in our head we will get negative results out. Therefore all I ask is that you start to pay attention to the thoughts and images you are feeding your brain. You must first put the good stuff in so you can get even better stuff out. 

This Life Lesson Quote is a topic discussed in both “Grown-Ups Don’t Skip Have FUN Be Happy Enjoy Life” and “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses

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