Big Results Come From Practicing The Small Stuff First


Practice the small stuff!

White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 15

 “Practicing the small stuff
leads to better results on the BIG stuff”

30 days of life lesson quotes. To me this is one of the more impactful quotes because there is so much underlying truth to this statement. When we find the spark that will move our dreams forward naturally we become excited. We are inspired by the possibilities and committed to change. The problem is we want BIG results now!

This is exactly where things start to fall apart. Motivational workshops and books are very inspirational but they tend to have rather poor long-term results. What we must realize is that isn’t the teacher, the coach, or the guru that failed you. It is simply the fact that you most likely jumped ahead, skipped a few steps and didn’t take the time to practice the small stuff first.

Our impatience is one of main reason we get off track. Our excitement leads short cuts. We jump ahead to the finish line and don’t understand the value in all of those tiny little steps we must take to get to our dream. Just strap on the jet pack and let’s just get it done now. Sorry to tell you this folks but big changes don’t happen overnight. No matter how motivated we are, we must still never forget about all of those silly boring little baby steps.

Skipping the small steps is so typical but they are super important because it is those minor details that eventually build a foundation that won’t easily collapse. And we wonder why our short-term efforts don’t achieve long-term results!

I suppose the life lesson I have learned from this quote is not even about the importance of practicing the small stuff. The lesson I think I have been learning is called patience.

This life quote is from the chapter on action in my book “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses


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