Positive outcomes are possible too!


White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 7

 “When you only see negative possibilities, how can you make good decisions! We need to remember that
positive outcomes are possible too.”


Remember that positive outcomes are possible too

30 days of life lesson quotes. One of the biggest grown-up traits that hinders our joy is negativity. Adult thoughts are too often negative and full of fear, exaggeration, and gossip. There is fault in everything around them and nothing is ever good enough. What happened that caused such negative thinking? Kids are enthusiastic and see the world through smiley faces. They are happy little beings and assume that everyone else is too.

When did positive become negative? Bad things happen and life is full of disappointment and negativity. We can’t avoid that. However both bad and good are part of life, so for me, I really try to let the positive out weigh the negative. Why can’t we realize that just because something bad happened once, doesn’t mean the outcome will be negative forever. Someone once told me that his ex-wife drove a red car, so for years and years, he refused to date anyone who owned a red car. Life can be cruel. Life is unfair. And yes I prefer to see the world through rose colored glasses, but the point is: negative things are part of life but why do we have to let them become our main focus?

To bring fun and goodness back into our lives, we need to find the positive “aura” of our youth. It is our grown-up choice to decide to stop the flow of negativity and replace it with the positive youthful glow we once had. Minimize the negative and maximize the positive. It’s so simple even a child can do it.

This Life Lesson Quote is from Susan Sherbert’s first book “Grown-Ups Don’t Skip Have FUN Be Happy Enjoy Life

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