Golf and Life Lesson – Overcoming Obstacles


Overcoming Obstacles is part of life

Life lessons by Susan Sherbert

When you start any new project, adventure, or goal there is always tons of positive energy. You are excited and anything is possible. Then all too quickly the obstacles start to arrive and people get frustrated or upset. Why? It’s not like we didn’t know they were coming. Overcoming obstacles is part of life. They should be expected. In fact in my book I talk a lot about overcoming obstacles. Too often grow-ups turn tiny obstacles into gigantic problems. More often than not, an obstacle really isn’t much more than an object in your way. It is a blockage on your path not the end of the road or a complicated detour. So stop turning unexpected bumps into enormous problems. If you slow down and take a moment to think, overcoming obstacles will become just another bend on your journey.

overcoming obstacles in lifeFor example, when I started this golf and life lesson blog, I was excited and it was going to be fantastic. Then right away, I was faced with an obstacle. Not a big problem, just an unexpected issue that had to be resolved. You may recall in lesson two my story about taking divots. Well to practice taking divots after hitting the ball means I will be making a whole lot of holes in the grass! I used to just sweep the grass so practicing in my back yard was no big deal but now making those divots is a hinderance to overcome. I didn’t panic and I didn’t let one little set back become a big problem. I simply found an old piece of carpet, purchased a scrap of plywood and used a staple gun to make my own personalized driving range mat. It may not look too pretty but now I can swing away and still protect the grass in my back yard.

In golf, overcoming obstacles is all part of the game. If it isn’t a tree it will be a sand trap. If it’s not a trap it will be the water. Divots, rocks, rough grass, or the wind are all obstacles every golfer has to deal with. Learning how to deal with the challenges in front of you is what makes you a better player. It’s often called good course management. Do you go over the tree or hit it low and try to sneak it under.  Or maybe you punch it out into the fairway to give yourself a better 2nd shot. The game of golf is not all about the big drives and perfect shots. It’s about playing smart, avoiding the obstacles when you can and managing the damage when you can’t. Whatever challenges I overcome today I can be pretty darn sure there will be other obstacles to block my path tomorrow.


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