Original Corny Jokes by Susan Sherbert


Holiday Corny Jokes by Susan Sherbert

holiday corny jokes by susan sherbert First a few Holiday Facts:

  • 105 is average number of snow storms in the continental U.S.
  • The World Record for the biggest snow flake as eight inches by fifteen inches. That was in 1887 in Montana.
  • It was Julius Caesar who decided January 1st would be the start of a new year.
  • You will have a cold winter if squirrels build their nests low in a tree, ants build their mounds high, and you see a lot of spiders in the fall.
  • Holly plants can be found in every region of the world except Australia and Antarctia

How did the restaurant owner greet his customer’s in December?
with SEASONED Greetings

What did the retirement home give their residents for the holidays?
candy CANES

How do surfers know it’s December?
by the yule TIDES


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