Not as they appear to be


How often in life are things not as they appear to be?

As humans we love to keep things simple. It’s not that we are actually lazy or anything, it’s just that life is so complex that the easier we can make it the better. That means life is full of things that are not as they appear to be. Our brain jumps to conclusions. We assume connections that may or may not be true and we are too busy to stop and questions every decision our brain makes. To make sense of the world we quickly connects the dots and if it makes logical sense then we assume our information is correct.

How many times a day do we do this?

Probably too many to count. For example, if we see a homeless person it is easy to assume they are a drunk, lazy or have mental problems. When we are in the grocery store and see fat free on a package, the conclusion is that the product is good for us. People with multiple tattoos are tough and dangerous. Kids that wear glasses must be smart, people who drive fancy cars must be rich, and everyone knows that blonds have more fun. We make erroneous assumptions, jump to conclusions, and believe false information all the time. That is just how our brain works. It makes connections and because of the speed that it must work, and some of the information turns out to be invalid.

Take a look at picture below.

camel shadows

The camels in this picture are not as they appear to be. I’m guessing that your brain made a false connection too. Look again. If you stop and take time to read the text you will understand where your brain went wrong. The camels are the tiny white lines. The black camels are only shadows.  I find this photo absolutely amazing. My child-like thinking is in awe of the photographer that managed to take this picture but I am also intrigued about how easily our brains take in all kinds of false data. Life is full of curiosity and wonder but we are too busy jumping to conclusions and moving on to the next thought or activity.

It reminds me of a story someone once told me about a time when he volunteered at a homeless shelter. There was a lady that walked in with confidence. She was wearing a nice coat and she looked totally put together. He even began to wonder why she was in the shelter. Then when she turned around to walk away he could see that from the back, her coat was literally falling apart at the seams. Life is not always as it appears to be.


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