No problems only fear


Quote: No problems only fear

White Hat Awareness Quote: Day 25

“There were no problems only fear”

30 days of life lesson quotes. Please keep an open mind and think about fear from a very simple, childlike perspective. To me, fears are images in your head – figments of your imagination. They are nothing more then boogeymen. Yet when you mix imagination with emotion the fear can become truly terrifying. Our fears are so realistic and so frightening because imagination is an incredibly powerful force for both the positive and the negative.

Too often adults turn this imagined fear into real life problems. They imagine all of the reasons they can’t do something and focus on the negative “what ifs,” instead of seeing unlimited potential or using their creativity to find a solution. Grown-ups turn their dreams into fears, talk themselves out of countless opportunities, and allow minor obstacles to become overwhelming problems. All of this destructive behavior because the negative thoughts and images in our head can feel oh so real.

There are no quick solutions, or easy answers because our basic nature was designed to keep us safe. Unfortunately, that means our brain looks for and focuses on potential danger and turns everyday situations into places where monster and boogeymen lurk around every corner. All we can do is try to bring some awareness to our fears by adding a little positive light to the situation. Once we see that first beam of positive light the nightmares will begin to fade away and hopefully we will find the courage to vanquish those imaginary boogeymen and frightening monsters once and for all. Fear is created in the mind! And that is a hard concept to imagine.

“Imagination is an incredibly powerful force;
for both the positive and the negative”


This Life Lesson Quote is about fear and fear is discussed in both books,   “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses” and “Grown-ups Don’t Skip

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