New Year Resolutions


Make a year long promise that matters! Time to make those New Year Resolutions!

But why bother? It’s not like New Year Resolutions are going to change your life or anything dramatic like that. And if you have already started the whole diet thing then in a few months I reserve the right to say “I told you so.”  For too many years to count I have written about how starting a diet in January is just plain stupid. It goes against nature. It’s winter – a time to eat and hibernate, not sweat and starve. Save the diets for Spring and let’s move on to more important things.

prioritiesThe problem is, too many of us simply don’t pay attention to what is important in our lives so we make New Year Resolutions about silly stuff that sounds good at the time. So what I would like to suggest instead is that you spend just a few moments of your valuable time and truly examine what is important in your life. I have an entire chapter in my new book about priorities and that is a fantastic place to start. So what do YOU want? What is important to YOU – not your kids. Not your spouse. Not your boss. What pleases you and what is important in your life? 

I have an upcoming blog all about priorities and what is important but for now let’s simply bring awareness to where you are at the moment. Of course faith, family, and friends are usually on the top of the list of important things in life, so ask yourself if you are being true to your priorities. Be honest! Do you make the time for the things you say matter or are you too busy rushing off to the gym so you can fit into that dream bikini or favorite pair of jeans? Why not go for a hike with the family, or get outside and do some volunteer work. 

I suppose the point I am trying to make is instead of taking the easy way out by making New Year Resolutions just because everyone else is doing it, why not put a little bit of mental effort into it. Come up with a promise or a resolution that really matters. What small thing can you do now that adds meaning and purpose to the entire rest of the year? Make it simple, make it meaningful, and make it happen…. And that is the right way to begin a new year.


Written by Susan Sherbert author of “A White Hat and Rose Colored Glasses”
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