A tribute to Mother Nature


Mother Nature has it all – Brains, Beauty, and Power

Mother Nature and her Naked Hanging Men

Naked Hanging Men

We have all seen the beauty of Mother Nature in a sunset, a mountain, a flower, or even the morning dew. The world is her canvas and she does an awesome job.

The Lady has a sense of humor

But that is not enough for the lady who does it all. She also has a pretty good sense of humor. Just look at these funny naked hanging men flowers and you can’t help but appreciate her endless creativity and joy for life. 

Mother Nature is resourceful

Even when she has very little to work with, she creates miracles every day. I mean, really, how in the world does she create a huge beautiful oak tree from nothing more than an acorn and a handful of dirt?

Mother Nature displays here Flying duck orchids

Flying duck orchids

And did you eat today? Yeah she had a hand in that too. All of the flavors in the entire world are her gifts to every nation on the planet. She caters to us no matter where we come from.

You can thank her for your morning coffee, for making chocolate, and yes she is even responsible for the grapes that humans have managed to turn into wine.

She is an animal lover too

Food, flowers, and beautiful scenery! But wait there’s more. Mother Nature is an animal lover too. She provides us with endless oohs and ahhs from our beloved and adorable pets. Plus we have the privilege to occasionally see many of the other animals that grace her kingdom. Okay so maybe we don’t need to see the snakes and spiders, but I did mention that she has a sense of humor.

Mother Nature’s reach goes even further

A Starfish from Mother Nature


As if all of that is not enough, Mother Nature continues to work her magic in the oceans. She is so productive we humans, with all of our technology, can’t even come close to keeping up with her. I recently heard that we know more about the surface of Mars then we do about the depths of our oceans. Just imagine how much beauty under the sea Mother Nature has created that we haven’t even explored yet.

Mother Nature has it all

Mother Nature in a bad mood Snap Dragon Skulls

Snap Dragon Skulls

She is a nurturing mother with love for all the creatures on the planet. She has brains, beauty and power…. and a pretty bad temper too. Mother Nature is a female and she is not afraid to let her emotions show. Tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes are just a few of the emotional tantrums she had been known to display.

When Mother Nature is happy life is good. But when she gets upset – watch out! There is no rath worse than hers and she has all of the resources in the world to let you know she is not pleased.

And as for global warming, droughts, and fires – well, she is getting up there in age so I think it’s just her having hot flashes.

A Mother’s Love is Unconditional

In spite of her bad temper and hot flashes, a mothers love is unconditional. So let’s all learn to kiss and make up. Pucker up and give your mother the respect she deserves!

Lip plant - a kiss from Mother Nature

Lip plant


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