Men and their barbecues


What is it about men and their barbecues?

Humor by Susan Sherbert


It’s the start of summer so every other show on the Food Network seems to be about grilling and cooking outdoors. They cook ribs and chicken and roast whole pigs in a pit. There are chili cook-offs and tailgate parties where you find wood chip smokers, hot flaming grills and good old-fashioned campfires. There are the men who swear that charcoal is the best, and then there are the men who prefer to cook with gas. Some guys boast about their dry rubs, while others brag about their secret sauce. But the one thing that they all seem to have in common is testosterone.

What is it about men and their barbecues? Most men don’t show much interest in cooking (unless they are trying to impress a date). Yet, as soon as it is raw meat and open flames, the men are in charge.

They stand around with a beer in one hand and a whole set of masculine looking barbecue tools ready at their side.Then they either push a button to ignite the flame or they smoke the place out with lighter fluid trying to get the coals started. When they eventually get the heat under control, the prepared meat is handed to them on a platter all seasoned and ready to go. All that is left to do is give the meat an occasional flip, brush on a little sauce, and try not to burn the darn things.

For some reason, when a meal is cooked outdoors, men suddenly become great chefs acting like experts who cook all the time, when the reality is they probably don’t even know where to find the tongs to turn the corn. Men get all the credit for a great meal when chances are they never even set foot in the kitchen. Who went to the store to buy all the food? Who made the side dishes like the potatoes or the green salad? And who planned ahead to make sure there would be coffee and dessert? More than likely – the women. But somehow the credit goes to the men for doing all of the cooking and guess who is left to do the dishes? Dishes, what dishes? There aren’t any pots and pans involved in grilling, so aside from an oversize fork, what is there to wash? But it’s all good I suppose. Heck it’s better that having them sit around all day in their underwear watching football.


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