A little humor about adapting to change


Okay a BIG FUNNY rant about adapting to change

Change happens. We can’t avoid it. In my book I write a lot about the fears and obstacles associated with adapting to change. But right now I have bigger issues to complain about.

I know adapting to change is part of life but….

Adapting to change happy skull How in the world did a skull and cross bones, THE symbol for danger, become all cute and cuddly? 

Heck, people even tatoo this universal danger sign all over their bodies! And often, in more than one place!

What is up with that?

To me a skull and cross bones is a symbol of death, destruction, and all things bad. And I’m not alone in that thinking. When the government decided to bury their deadly toxic nuclear waste, they wanted to create a warning sign to let people know about the hazardous material. The sign had to be universal so people in every language would understand that without a doubt this stuff was bad. Really, really Bad.

And what sign did they come up with? The Skull and Cross Bones of course. So how did we go from that, to having little happy skeletons on everything! I have even seen baby apparel with skulls on them. Come on folks, isn’t that taking things a bit too far. A baby is THE symbol for life so why put them in clothes embroidered with THE symbol of death? I just don’t get it – but I’m beginning to think I’m in the minority here. Even Disneyland – the happiest place on earth – puts little santa hats on skeletons and changes the haunted mansion into the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Adapting to change can be hard, and I really am trying to understand this crazy obsession with death. So I asked someone with skull tattoos about it. He explained, that to him, they represent respect for life. A Kind of a way to honor the dead. Live your life to the fullest kind of thing. adapting to change

Okay now maybe I can understand that a bit better. However those guys at the nuclear waste dump had better seriously be thinking about adapting to change and come up with a different universal symbol to scare people away. Oh, I know! I got it! Everyone knows that the number one fear is speaking in public. Maybe they could use a microphone to warn people of danger. But that is kind of stupid because you still have this adapting to change thing. With all these reality shows making ordinary folks famous, people may think the microphone is a clue to a singing audition. People will start digging for the buried treasure and then we will all be very sorry. Why can’t things just stay the same.


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