Learn to dream again! And don’t forget to have fun along the way


Keep your dreams alive!

What are your dreams? Learn to dream againThe purpose of this article is to inspire to you to learn to dream again! If you have read my book, then you know that my big bold dream in life is to golf every golf course in the state – 864 courses on my list. I’ve played about 65 courses so far but life kind of gets in the way, so I haven’t put much effort into living my dream lately. It’s okay because I have years to complete my dream, and hopefully I’ll still be playing golf in my 80’s so there is plenty of time. Besides, it’s having the dream that’s the important part.

The other day I had the perfect opportunity to live my dream and check another course off the list, and I almost didn’t take that special moment that was presented to me! Good thing I heard that little kid’s voice nagging me to not let my dreams die. I got off my butt, got in the car, and headed out to another course on my list. So what if it was only a cheap 9-hole course miles away. My goal is every course in that book. Good and bad, they will all be played.

On the way I hit unexpected traffic and started to panic. I had limited time and the grown-up in me was starting to stress. Maybe I should turn back? Again that kid’s voice was nagging me to keep on dreaming. And when I finally arrived…. there was something like 35 guys standing around waiting to tee off. I didn’t call ahead. I didn’t expect a tournament. It’s my dream. I’m supposed to show up, play a round, and go home.

Reality is really hard because
it never quite matches the stuff that you visualize.

I couldn’t give up so I got on my phone and found another course just a few minutes down the road. No worries, dream back on again. Even with the fancy technology I still managed to get lost – just more obstacles in my way I suppose, but this time I wasn’t going to let anything stop me. I’m living the dream!

As I parked the car and approached the pro shop the grown-up in me began to panic again. What if they don’t have a tee time? What if they put me with some strange people? I’m already behind schedule, what if I don’t have time? Then that nagging kid reminded me that this is my big dream in life and it should be FUN! Learn to dream again, remember.

With that attitude, I stepped up to the tee, introduced myself to a couple of super nice fellows, and had a really fun time. In the end I was about an hour behind schedule, but that is such a small price to pay for those few hours when I was living my dream! So whatever you do, please don’t let that grown-up voice talk you out of moving your dreams forward! Enjoy your journey and remember to HAVE FUN!


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