Learn the Secret to Short Sheeting a bed


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Short Sheet a bed

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“I Finally Know How to Short Sheet a Bed! Yippee!

First, I hate giving 5s, don’t believe me? Go look at my review page. I can always find at least one reason why a book didn’t deliver. I tried I really wanted to give this book a 4. After all it is a book on short sheeting a bed. It is not a story, it is not literary. What it is, is a book that teaches you how to short sheet a bed. But it doesn’t just stop there. It gives you theories on how short sheeting beds began! Does it matter that they are probably all wrong. NO because they are theories. It talks about repercussions of short sheeting someone’s bed. It describes the best people to short sheet and explains why teens are not good candidates to be short sheeted. Plus More.

This is a fun little book. PLUS it actually teaches you how to short sheet a bed. Something I had heard about, but had never seen. I enjoyed this book thoroughly.

I highly recommend that you one click this book.”

By 4Nbahu


This is the one that started it all! Susan sold 4,000 copies of the original book to a national linen chain, and they used it as a free gift with purchase. And how Susan managed to write 28 pages about this fun little prank is even beyond her. There are step by step instructions on how to pull off the practical joke. But the ebook also includes tips and tricks to do the job right, a chapter on revenge, and a warning that you can’t short sheet a teenager’s bed, because they never make the bed in the first place.


Chapter One…

You’ve probably heard about short sheeting a bed but what the heck is it? Is it when some one shrinks the sheets in a hot dryer? Does someone put single bed sheets on a double bed? Is it a special kind of sheet found in the petite section of the bedding department?

No! The answer is that it is one of the best practical jokes on this planet, maybe even the entire solar system!

Well, I can’t be positive about the whole solar system since I’m not familiar with the practical jokes of other life forms, so let me rephrase that. Short sheeting a bed is, to my knowledge, the best practical joke known to man. Women and children seem to like it too.

Now that you know short sheeting a bed is a super fantastic wonderfully funny practical joke, what actually does it mean to short sheet a bed? Well, when an unsuspecting person goes to get into their bed, or perhaps someone else’s bed, their feet get stuck and won’t go all the way to the bottom.

Short Sheeting a bed is a safe fun prank, but this book is actually quite a fun read.

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