Do some serious pruning to improve your personal growth


Is your life overgrown?

personal growth tree

What kind of personal growth could you have if you took things back to the core!

The answer to so many things can be found in Mother Nature. She is a smart lady. Just look at this tree I cut it back three weeks ago. All that growth in three weeks! Now imagine your personal growth if you gave yourself some room to grow. Of course practically we can’t trim that much stuff from our lives, but most likely there is room for some serious pruning.

Just like this tree, if there is a bit of nourishment, personal growth will happen every day. Also like this tree, we can’t see that growth on a daily basis. We have to give it time to do its thing. If we are aware of our goals and take small actions every day our lives will begin to take shape. We need to develop good habits and begin to cultivate an environment that is ripe for personal growth. Then one day we step back and wow, look at how much we have changed. We are starting to thrive!

Mother nature is not always a friend to personal growth

Thriving is a great thing, but the problem is change and personal growth don’t just stop. Like Mother Nature our lives silently and slowly continue to evolve. Our personal growth begins to get bigger and bigger. Eventually we start carrying a lot of dead weight. Life gets all tangled up and there is way too much energy spent in all the wrong places.

But no worries. That is totally natural. It’s the cycle of life. As humans all we need to do is have the courage to pick up the clippers and start chopping away. Yes that first cut may be difficult, but it really is for the best. We need to be careful and prune back what is not working so we can open up our lives for another round of personal growth.

The good news is, the next time our life becomes overgrown, it becomes easier to weed out the bad stuff. We now know where we want to allow growth and where we don’t. We can now easily pull the bad habits up from the roots before they get out of hand. We have hopefully learned to say to “no” to the new sprouts that take our personal growth in the wrong direction. Making cuts to things that no longer serve us becomes easier and easier. Soon we are thriving again and all those prickly thorns are now producing beautiful buds just waiting to blossom in the sun.

The personal growth of my tree

I couldn’t end this motivational lesson without telling you about my tree. It all started with a twig in a vase of flowers. Once the flowers had wilted, the vase was put outside. I eventually came back to the vase and found that the remaining twigs had started to root. Well, I didn’t want to let Mother Nature’s efforts go to waste so I stuck the thing in the ground.

Little did I know that a tiny twig would quickly turn into one of the biggest, fastest growing trees I have ever seen. No Kidding. That tree in only about 6 years old and this is the third time I have cut it all the way back to the core. And there was no pre-planning when I planted the darn thing. The neighbor doesn’t really like it, it blocks the sun from the rose bushes, and I’m not sure tall branches and overhead wires are a good mix. But what can I do? I have been part of its amazing transition from the beginning. I treasure this tree because I feel we have been on a personal growth journey together. All I can say now is “Thank you Mother Nature for the inspiration”.


A little humor about adapting to change

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