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Susan’s favorite lesson:
The Scary Jelly Bean

How can you forget a vomit flavored jelly bean? If you haven’t read the book yet this is one of my favorite lessons because I believe the story really makes you stop and think. And changing your thinking is the real purpose of this “Grown-ups Don’t Skip“.

The story goes like this: I found a box of every flavor jellybeans from the movie Harry Potter. And yes they came in every flavor. Dirt, grass, soap, and even vomit. So of course I had to share the discovery with my friends. What I learned from the experience is that just the thought of a truly disgusting flavor jellybean put fear and resistance into what should have been an enjoyable experience. Many of the grown-ups didn’t want to participate because there was a slight chance that they might get the one truly disgusting jellybean. There were a lot of good flavors in that bowl too, but the mere possibility of getting the bad one made the grown-ups not want to “play.”

Now if you were a kid, you would jump at the chance to take a jelly bean. You would hope, even assume that you would pick your favorite tutti-fruity or buttered popcorn. Then if you did get the vomit, you might give out a big woo whoo because you won the disgustingly gross prize.

Kids don’t let one little negative possibility spoil the fun. And when you look at it, the chances of getting the scary jellybean are not very big. It’s one bean in the whole pot so what are the odds? You will probably get a good flavor but to an adult, that one negative bean has so much weight, so much power, that grown-ups aren’t easily willing to take a chance.

So the lesson to be learned is when life presents you with a flavorful bowl of opportunities, do you join in, participate, and embrace the unknown? Or do you let your fears win and wrap yourself in your security blanket and stay in your comfort zone? Fun is within your reach, but it is up to you to take what the world has to offer.


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