How to spark your passion and find your dreams


Stuck not knowing how to find your dreams?

Don't know how to find your dreams? Susan Sherbert can helpWhat do you want out of life? If you don’t have a bold dream, or you don’t know what you are passionate about, you are not alone. I get so frustrated because every coach, motivational guru, and self-help book all start assuming you have a dream.

Oh they may begin with a paragraph or two about how to find your dreams or your purpose in life. Then they move straight into the details and techniques to reach your goal and get what you want out of life. But what if you haven’t found your passion yet? What if you don’t have a big bold dream? What if you have no idea even where to look to find your dreams?

Oh that’s right you need to visualize to find your dreams

Well actually I think that is kind of correct. It is my theory that your passion and dreams begin with imagination. And isn’t visualization just a grown-up word for imagination?

As we get older, imagination is one of the first childhood traits to get pushed aside. Knowing what you want in life begins in your brain. It is in there somewhere. Dreams start with a flash of possibility, or a spark of imagination. This can be difficult because adults don’t easily allow those “useless” or “unproductive” images to stay in their thought for a while. They squash the unrealistic idea never giving the inspiration a chance to grow. To find your dreams it helps to learn how to find your imagination. I have a really great article with a video that may help improve your imagination.

A fairway of dreams – how I found my dream

Did you give up too soon” is the story about the journey of my book. Becoming a best seller is one of my dreams, and once I welcomed imagination back into my life, the possibilities are endless! My book must have been stuck somewhere along my journey but that didn’t stop my brain from creating more new dreams for my future. I had no clue what else I was passionate about, but I gave my brain permission to “play”.  I was patient and  become aware of  new and unusual images that popped into my head. I didn’t toss them out as crazy ideas! I was open and receptive to thoughts outside my comfort zone.

Then one day it hit me! Bam! Another dream. A big bold dream lifetime dream. I was going to golf every course in the state. How many courses I have no idea. How am I going to get on all of the private courses, who knows… but imagine all the possibilities!

To find your dreams you need to welcome crazy ideas into your thoughts. Dreams and life long passions all begins with a tiny spark of imagination! Then it is up to you to determine if you will ignite that spark and turn that image into your dream, or toss the thought aside and let is smolder away to nothing.

“Once you see the possibilities,
imagination takes over
dreams begin to form, and
the journey of a lifetime begins”


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