How to Host a Murder Mystery Party


Have fun – host a murder mystery party

How to host a murder dinner party

By now everyone knows I’m all about the fun – that’s why it was time to put together another how to host a murder mystery dinner party. These gatherings are super fun and if your guests are willing to play their parts, a good time will be had by all. As you can see from this photo, everyone participated so this was one of the best parties I’ve had in a long time. And coming from me that’s saying a lot.

How to host a murder – getting started

How to host a murder mystery partyThe first thing you have to do is pick your murder mystery theme game kit. Keep in mind that there are roles for 8 characters so have a guest list in mind as you decide on your theme. As you can probably tell, we decided on a 1970’s disco party “Saturday Night Cleaver.” And you may notice that there are more than eight characters in our cast photo. We got creative and added a few extra characters like a disco groupie and a bar manager. They were able to join in the fun but didn’t have specific parts to play. 

You used to be able to buy a how to host a murder kit at the bookstore but now you have to go online.  Each kit contains  a murder mystery host guide book, a CD (or cassette tapes if they are older versions) with music and details of the murder, secret clues, invitations, and most importantly booklets with insights and information for each character. Here are some of the Host a Murder kits you can pick from.

Next step – pick your cast and send out the host a murder invitations

How to host a murder mystery dinner party

Now for the fun part. You are the director of this murder mystery so you get to cast the characters. I had the honor of deciding who was to come as a disco diva and who was to be cast as the savvy disco owner. Who was to play the part of Chaka Moon or Brady Bunsch? That decision was up to me. Humm, now who could pull off a character named Polly Ester Stuffincupp?

As for me, I decide to come as a disco groupie that way I could read some of the scripts ahead of time and try to help keep things on track. I found out who was the drunk and who was possessed by the devil. I saw the birth certificate and learned of many sleazy affairs. But I didn’t totally cheat because I resisted reading the last who dunn it page that way I honestly didn’t know who did it.

Once you find the perfect cast send out the invitations provided in the kit. And yes, send them in the mail. It’s the 1970’s somehow an evite doesn’t quite fit.

Decoration and food – Fun requires a bit of hard work

In my book Grown-ups Don’t Skip, I talk about how fun requires work so yes when you host a murder there is work involved… but make if fun! We did. I had a great time planning food from the 70’s. It took some effort to find that recipe for the green jello salad someone suggested. And remember Cheeze Wiz? I put it on crackers and squished it out onto some celery sticks. I even made the crust for the quiches from scratch. This murder mystery even helped me remember just how much I enjoy plain old jello squares. And did I mention the pop rocks or the fact that I actually found a disco ball!

Host a murder celebrity croonerSo yes when you host a murder you do have to put some effort into it. And if you go to all that trouble then your guests should do the same – and they did! There was polyester, sparkles, sequins, bell bottoms, platform shoes, tons of make up and wigs. Lots of wigs! Everyone arrived in character ready to play. Even the celebrity crooner in the group who was supposed to be famous for his 1970’s song “Copa-Amana” arrived with a guitar and sang his hit song about a microwave. That’s right he actually wrote a song about an Amana microwave just for this party. The party was a huge success because, again, fun requires energy and effort and everyone showed up willing and ready to play.

The main event – Let the murder mystery unfold

How to host a murder dinner party










Now all you have to do is give your guests their booklets and let the chaos unfold. For example, one character thought he was at the disco looking for his long-lost son. When he read round one in his booklet he found out that he had killed the real Brady Bunsch and was looking for the son because he was a witness to the murder. In round two Knight Feevah found out that he was not only the bar tender, but that he was making extra money on the side as a gigolo. Then in round three Chaka Moon learns that she is legally blind. And so it goes on.

After all of the clues have been revealed, the scandals uncovered, and the secrets are out in the open, only then may the last pages be read. Each character reads in order, the solution from their booklets and soon the murderer is revealed and the mystery is solved. The only question that still remains unanswered is … when is the next how to host a murder mystery party!


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