Why are hearts the symbol of love


How is did this organ become the symbol of love?

A heart from this

Last year I created this picture and one year later I still don’t understand how this bloody organ has become the universal symbol of love. Not to mention the fact that the heart sign looks nothing like a real heart. What were the people who decide this stuff thinking! If it was me who had the privilege of creating the universal symbol of love I would have picked the smile instead.

It just makes more sense. A smile is happy and nothing but full of positive emotion. Plus a smile looks like a smile, not some gross lump of yuck. 

Hearts are internal. You can’t see a person’s heart. You can’t watch the love radiate out to the world like you can when someone smiles at you.  So why didn’t they pick the smile for the universal symbol of love?

They say there are no words to describe the vast meaning of the word love.  That may be true but all you have to do is look at the smile on a persons face and you can clearly see exactly what that person is feeling. A smile is the expression of love. It conveys precisely those words that we cannot describe. Even the heart can’t do that! Yet it is our pulsating heart squishing the blood in our body that is our symbol of love. Kind of gross if you ask me.

Our most under used asset should have been the symbol of love

Smile the new Symbol of loveI know I wear rose colored glasses, but to me a smile is one of the most powerful actions we can take. It hardly requires any effort at all yet that one tiny movement of our lips has magical powers. A smile can change our mood, convey messages words can not, and it can even bring us to tears. Both tears of laughter and tears of joy.

Smiles are an unlimited supply, free to use, and they contain superpowers that can change the world and melt stone hearts. So why don’t we take advantage of this incredible asset that we have had since birth?  And why isn’t the smile our Valentine symbol of love? Heck if I know.

As kids we laughed, smiled and giggled all the time. As adults, not so much. For some unknown reason we simply forget to smile. And it’s not like smiling takes a whole lot of effort. It’s not painful like facing the truth. Smiles don’t take up our valuable time. They don’t require money or additional education to use. We don’t have to uncover some limiting belief to realize that smiles are a good thing.

We can even share a smile with no obligation, commitment or expectation required. The only thing we have to do to express our various feelings of goodness is to tap into the incredible asset we already possess.  So go ahead and give the heart-shaped box of candy, or jewelry shaped in the heart symbol of love. But just make sure you also attach anice big heart-felt smile as well.

Show your love with a smile


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