Where did the heart symbol for love come from?


Heck I have no idea how this heart symbol for love became so universal!

Universal heart symbol for loveThe person that created the “I heart you sign” did a pretty good job, however I took a few anatomy classes and if I drew two ice cream cones stuck together and called it the heart symbol for love, I’d have flunked the class for sure.

Although the heart is a totally amazing organ, when you look at it, it really is kind of gross. It is responsible for all that blood. Why someone decided to choose something as slimy and gory as a human heart, as the symbol for something as beautiful as love, I have no idea.

Okay the heart is what makes us “tick” and it does seem to be the place where our feelings come from so maybe it does make a bit of sense. Even though the little red I love you sign looks nothing like the real thing, at least the creator’s heart was in the right place.

Good thing this heat sign was created way before they had television and violent video games. Otherwise if someone decided to create the universal heart symbol for love today, it probably would end up looking a lot closer to the real heart – only with a lot more blood.

And now the real origin of this heart symbol for love…

Okay, I did look up where the heart symbol for love came from and they don’t really know. However, the think it may have come from a seed pod of a plant that is now extinct. Oh well it doesn’t really matter because as long as there is a slimy gross human heart beating, there will always be love in the world.


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