Life Lessons – Building a strong foundation


It takes time when you are building a strong foundation

Life lessons by Susan Sherbert

I am enjoying my golf lessons but I’m getting tired of all this impact position stuff. I know I am building a strong foundation but I want to see progress now. Thank goodness my golf pro Andrew Thompson is patient and fully understands the importance of building a strong foundation because I just don’t see it.

Each week he adds another layer, another lesson, another thought reinforcement about the importance of that darn impact position. For weeks Andrew has been teaching, pestering, and even hounding me about the importance of the impact position. Well okay he isn’t hounding or pestering me but that is kind of what it feels like. Every lesson this far has been about the impact of the ball on the position of the club face. Okay I get it! So when can we  jump ahead of the process and get to the good stuff! 

This is so typical of life. How often do we rush to get to the good part, and we don’t take the necessary time to develop the skill and gain the knowledge that is required to reach our goals and dreams. If we don’t first learn the important boring stuff then the foundation that we build on could easily collapse. I see this happen all the time. We start a diet plan by fasting to get immediate results then wonder why our short-term efforts didn’t achieve long-term results.

The same goes for those motivational seminars. We want the big changes to happen now so we skip the planning, learning, and thinking that is required to gain long-term results. Building a strong foundation simply takes time and taking short cuts rarely get us the success we are striving for.

I wouldn’t say I’m frustrated but my scores are not really improving and nothing feels quite natural anymore. My swing still feels kind of funny and there seems to be a million things to think about. I even noticed that I let doubt creep in and start to question if my efforts were worth all the practice.

Then it happened. Apparently my foundation was being built and I didn’t even notice. One day my golf buddies said, “That swings sounds solid” and “You are really making good contact these days.” That was all it took and I knew a strong foundation was almost complete. One little bit of outside encouragement and I was ready to keep going and stay on track. I couldn’t see the improvement because I was looking for big results. I wanted to see big changes now! But my friends, and my golf pro, noticed the little things, like a better ball flight, and that was enough to get me back on track and continue practicing the small stuff.

I suppose the life lesson I have learned from these endless lessons about the impact position is not even about the importance of building a strong foundation. The lesson I think I have been learning is called patience.


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