Golf and Life Lessons – Start with baby steps


Don’t get ahead of yourself – Start with baby steps

Life lessons by Susan SherbertWhen you finally go out and get the help you need to move forward you are excited. Your pro gives you some really great advice and you are commited to change. You want to jump in with both feet. You want to apply those lessons and you want big results now! Are you beginning to see why all those motivational workshops and books have such poor results? It isn’t the guru that failed you. It is simply the fact that you most likely didn’t take the time to start with the baby steps.

This is so true with my last golf lesson. Andrew Thompson is all about the impact position of the golf swing so in our lesson he readjusted my grip, shifted my weight, and explained a whole lot of really insightful stuff. Then he gave me a lesson that started with small short swings that focused on feeling the proper impact of the club on the ball. So what did I do? Did I go out and practice the nice easy swing? Of course not.

Golf and life lessons I was excited. I want to smack the heck out of the ball. Isn’t that why I’m taking these lessons. So after a few short swings, I went right back into that big full swing. But it was okay because I was focusing on my weight shift, hand position, divots and all of the other things that Andrew taught me. I felt like I was doing everything right but for some reason my shots were not improving. Maybe I need to try even harder and swing a little faster. The reality is that what I really needed to do was slow down, focus on small stuff and start with baby steps.

As soon as Andrew saw my big full swing, I could almost see him shaking his head. Then he patiently explained how important it was to warm up the hand, feel the connection with the ball, and start slow. He said all of the pros warm up that way. They work up to the big swing because they know that they have to master the finer details, the small stuff first, before they can be successful with the very powerful swing. It reminds me of a new salesperson. You would never send a new guy or a rookie out to sell one of your biggest accounts. They start with the smallest clients first so they can practice and make mistakes. We all need to start with baby steps because that is how you build a strong foundation. The problem is those small baby steps just aren’t very exciting – they are super important – but just not very fun.


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