Golf and Life Lessons – Find a pro and get the knowledge you need


Stuck in life or golf ? Find a pro and use their knowledge to get though the rough spots

Life lessons by Susan Sherbert

There is such vast knowledge in this world that no one person can know everything. Why then do we continue to struggle on and think we can do everything ourselves. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to find a pro  and use their expertise to help us avoid mistakes, progress faster, and get closer to our goals and dreams? The answer is obviously a yes, but too often we choose to take the hard route and try to go it alone. So if you are struggling in business, relationships, money and yes even golf, then my advice to you is to find a pro.

If you read my last post then you know I found a pro and his names is Andrew Thompson. We started the Susan Project and we had our first golf session and I have to say Andrew is truly full of knowledge. I thought I had a pretty good swing but little did I know there is so much more to learn. So much information that I don’t know if I will ever take it all in – yet isn’t that why we find a pro in the first place? To help us make sense of it all. With that in mind, look at the picture below.

Know when it is time to find a pro

The difference between the two pictures is the difference between a good golfer and an average golfer. The top one is a divot BEFORE the ball (bad) and the bottom is a divot AFTER the ball (good).  Like so many things in life, the difference is only a few inches. Small adjustments are all that is needed.

Okay it is not really that simple because Andrew taught me all about the club angle, body position, weight distribution, etc. but in the end it comes down to the fact that now I have the knowledge of what I have to do. I have to move my divots a few inches forward. This sound very simple, and it is. But I have always said “Simple is not always easy.” In fact I think the simple act of moving those two inches is going to take a heck of a lot of practice… Thank goodness I was able to find a pro that has the knowledge to help me make that happen.


Golf and Life Lesson #3 Start with baby steps
The Susan Project by Andrew Thompson golf pro at Costa Mesa Country Club

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