Golf and Life Lesson – Less is more


When overcompensation happens the answer is less is more!

Life lessons by Susan Sherbert

I don’t know if taking time off is good for the golf game but I do know that less is more. I had my first golf lesson of the new year with my Pro Andrew Thompson and I was trying really hard to remember things he taught me. I know I was getting really good at keeping the club face parallel to the ball. I had that one under control. That was until he said, “what the heck is that?” Huh?! I’m doing what you taught me, I’m keeping the face parallel to the ball. Apparently not. Apparently less is more.

What I was doing was overcompensating.

 I had changed my wrist position and created all kinds of other bad habits because I was trying to get it right. I was so hyper focused on the one issue that I didn’t realize that I was now way out of position. I had taken one small adjustment and turned it into something totally unrecognizable. Less is more. All I really needed to do was make a small change. One tiny difference in my set up was all that was required. How in the world did I manage to mess that up?

With so many things in life we think that if a little is good then a lot is better. It makes sense to the logical brain, but the reality is that less is more. A small tiny adjustment really and truly does makes a much better impact. Since it is diet season, let me ask, is it better to go all out and starve yourself  by eating nothing but lettuce, or would you be more successful with smaller changes like reducing your sugar intake? Or how about exercise? Why do we start January by jumping into every exercise class available and push our bodies until the muscles hurt so much that we can’t take it anymore? Wouldn’t it be better to start by simply walking half an hour every day?

For some reason, when our brains are motivated to change so we simply cannot accept that less is more. We have to go big and get results now! The slow and steady approach is successful but it takes time and we get impatient. We push harder and add more and more. The result is less and less success. We actually make things worse. Overcompensation causes problems so the lesson to learn is to refrain and start small. Life really and truly is all about the small stuff.


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