Keep it simple


When it comes to life or golf – keep it simple

Life lessons by Susan Sherbert

Life is complex. There are a million little things all happening at once – so try to keep it simple as possible. When you can take things down to the absolute basics you are getting there. For example in golf it all comes down to one thing. The club hitting the ball. Nothing else matters. If we focus on one simple objective everything else will either get in alignment with our goal, or get out of the way. This applies to life as well as golf.

Having one simple vision, one single goal, makes everything so much easier. Keep it simple and clarify your objective. Knowing exactly what you want is the first step to accomplishing just about anything. Then if something doesn’t serve that purpose, it has to go. Less is more as they say.

When you keep it simple amazing things happen.

By focusing on one basic task, one simple purpose, suddenly your vision is very precise and everything becomes clear. Things you thought were important, are now seen as distractions. When you finally do hit that sweet spot and everything is in alignment, the whole thing feels effortless. The ball seems to go further with less work. And that is exactly what happens as you continue to learn. Start simple, practice, and then add the additional  knowledge you need. Work on keeping it simple and stop doing things the hard way. Quit adding additional steps and stop trying to do everything. Build that strong foundation first before you start adding additional steps.

I know there is a lot more that could be said on the subject but that would only get in the way of the message. Keep it simple. What more needs to be said.


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