Golf and Life Lesson – Change Just Feels Funny


Change is part of life but it just doesn’t feel right

Life lessons by Susan Sherbert

Another golf lesson already? I haven’t even become comfortable with the whole change the position of my divots yet. Okay yes my new swing is starting to feel a little bit better after all that practice but it’s far from feeling comfortable. The swing change still feels funny!

But isn’t that the way life works? When we change anything, it just feels funny. Change is not comfortable, worn in, or well rehearsed. Change is awkward and often very uncomfortable. That is why so often people resist doing what needs to be done. We know we need to get out of our comfort zones and do something different but it’s so hard. Our brains logically know this but our instincts resist. Stay safe and comfortable – new things could be dangerous.

Then when we find the courage and take that leap of faith to change our old habits or learn something new, our bodies immediately resist. Sometimes, like my golf swing, it is just an awkward feeling that we know we will get used to. Other times the heart races, fear takes over, and the panic begins. We become so uncomfortable that we turn around and avoid change like the plague.

The thing is change is usually very good for us, but yes it is uncomfortable, yes it feels funny, and yes it can create tons of fear. The good news is that there is one simple solution to overcoming your fear of change… it’s called practice. If you practice the new behavior those scary awkward feelings will soon feel natural and the positive results will begin to show. Then it will be time for another lesson with my golf pro Andrew Thompson and the whole thing will start all over again. Change just feels funny so accept it – don’t run from it.


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