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Life lessons by Susan Sherbert

I like to write quirky stores with unexpected life lessons and I love to golf. In fact my goal in life is to golf every course in the state. So why not write a blog about the life lessons I learned from a little white ball? I have tons of ideas and lessons I can write about such as how timing is super important in both golf and in life. Or how about practice? To excel in whatever you do, you need to practice. And whether you want to lose weight, get a raise, or find a date, confidence will always improve your odds for success.

All I need now is a really good golf pro and I’m all set; or at least that was my plan anyway. Several times I tried to get my golf/life lesson blog started but as I like to say “Life gets in the way of life” so there were obstacles in the way or the timing was never quite right. Then one day I was on the driving range and once again I saw my first ever golf instructor Andrew Thompson. We chatted for a few minutes and then he approached me about doing the golf blog we once talked about.

Didn’t I just mention the life lesson about the importance of timing? This time everything was in alignment. I could feel lit. My golf game had plateaued so I was ready for some lessons and he was looking for content for his new golf blog. It was meant to be. The timing was perfect and when that happens you have to just get out of the way and let it flow. And that is just what we did. There was very little resistance so within minutes we had scheduled a date for our first lesson and The Susan Project was born.

Meet Golf Pro Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson golf pro at Costa Mesa Country Club

I’d like you to meet the golf pro of this grand adventure and his name is Andrew Thompson. He is a 14 year member of Costa Mesa Country Club’s professional staff and his emphasis is on the impact position of the golf swing. And I can tell you from personal experience that he is great. When I first decided to take up golf, I signed up for five golf lessons and today my golf swing is fairly solid thanks to the good foundation I built from the lessons I received from my golf pro Andrew Thompson.

Golf Pro: Costa Mesa Country Club
Phone: 714-743-2466
Blog: The Susan Project

More lessons to come. Check back for more golf/life lessons, or better yet sign up and you will receive my blog updates, Andrew’s golf golf anaylsis, and of course corny jokes.


Golf and Life Lessons #2 Find a pro and get the knowledge you need

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